“A-STAR” 2008

ASTRA would like to recognize and honor Jenny Hoskins as an A-STAR Award recipient. Jenny has donated countless hours to the success of our shows. As Kim Miller’s “right hand man” in the kitchen, her time devoted and cooking talents have been a labor of love, serving thousands of audience members. ASTRA has a reputation for wonderful dinners, according to the written feedback from our customers, not to mention the cast and crew! Hours before the guests arrive you will find Jenny working in the kitchen, helping to prepare the food, and then hours afterwards cleaning up.

Many people do not know Jenny because she is that quiet and giving person, serving many without expecting anything in return. With a kind and gentle hand, Jenny models true Christianity through her selfless example, working hard for long hours, then simply stepping back to allow the “stars” of ASTRA to shine. It is time for the spotlight to shine on Jenny as she has so graciously allowed it to shine on others. Jenny Hoskins represents the true spirit of ASTRA, nurturing (and serving others) in the Body of Christ; she demonstrates how one can affect so many – not simply by words, but by her gift of love through the giving of her time and talent.



ASTRA would like to recognize and honor Grace Nirschl as an A-STAR Award recipient. Grace has been a part of ASTRA since its very beginning.  She has worked on many different aspects of all the ASTRA productions; she has been in the orchestra pit, on the stage or behind the scenes for nearly every show.  She has been a supportive Mom and Wife countless times.  She has used her creative and artistic talent to help make our productions successful, and has always been willing to taking on any task at a moment’s notice.

More important than Grace’s artistic and creative contributions, are her unselfish, giving, and nurturing actions.  Grace demonstrates she is one of ASTRA’s true ambassadors for living God’s message of love by the many thoughtful things she does behind the scenes.   She is among the first to welcome new members to our ASTRA family, and her friendly and loving nature makes them feel right at home.  She always reaches out to people most in need from our cast and crew.   She does not discriminate.  She takes care of those who need help.  Grace is often found working with the teenagers in our productions — she really has a knack for connecting with them.  She is often the spark that ignites a fun atmosphere.  Her example of kindness, thoughtfulness and optimism has served as a life lesson for many young people who have met her through our productions.

There is no one more deserving of an A Star Award than Grace Nirschl.  Among all the talented people the involved in ASTRA, she is truly a leader when it comes to living ASTRA’s mission statement, “To nurture the body of Christ through the arts”.