“A-STAR” 2013

ASTRA would like to recognize and honor Dale Goebel as an A-STAR Award recipient.

There is something very special about someone so filled with joy that it bubbles over and makes people smile.  At the mere mention of the word “ASTRA,” this man chuckles and eagerly tells others all about the fun and camaraderie within this ministry.  Dale Goebel is ASTRA’s most enthusiastic participant and fan.  His involvement with the organization began way, way back…during the 2005 production of The Wizard of Oz…and his fervor has continued through every production since.

Dale began his ASTRA career hidden in the kitchen where he served as Kim Miller’s right hand man.  His dependable service and happy attitude brightened every corner of the galley and filled everyone he greeted with a deep sense of appreciation.

Ah, but the lure of the bright lights coaxed him away from his exemplary kitchen career and soon he was found perched atop a scaffold operating a spotlight. With a steady hand on his spotlight, Dale illuminates the actors at every performance. If you look up during any production, you will see him grinning from ear to ear.  Of course, prior to opening night, Dale can be seen everywhere, helping out with construction, painting, and technical setup.  You can bet he’ll be one of the first to help whenever there are things to move, load up, carry in, and haul off.

Dale stepped up to run the lighting team during The Songs of Godspell as Lighting Director.  He also has helped with security during the many rehearsals. He was one of the volunteers who would oversee our young cast members as Sergeant-at-Arms during rehearsals for Oliver, Fiddler, and Joseph.

There is much more to ASTRA than the few weeks of shows in July.  Whenever extra hands are needed, Dale arrives to help out and cheer us on.  We commend Dale for his dedicated and humble service by recognizing him as truly “A Star” of ASTRA.



ASTRA would like to recognize and honor Tricia Soriano as an A-STAR Award recipient.

Tricia Soriano is a wonderful and creative volunteer for ASTRA.  Her involvement began by playing the clarinet in the pit orchestra for our production of Cinderella in 2007.  As part of the parish staff from 2008-2011, Tricia was very committed and helpful shepherding the producers and assistant producers through facility scheduling, always going the extra mile beyond her job to help things run as “smooth as glass.”  Even when she was in the cast for Oliver (2009) and Fiddler on the Roof (2010), she continued to provide behind-the-scenes support to the production team.

Tricia added Prop Master to her volunteer work with ASTRA for the 2011 production Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, organizing an excellent team of volunteers. They became great scavengers, scouring thrift stores and attics for unique pieces. What Tricia’s team could not find, they made. Handling a newborn and a toddler, Tricia efficiently coordinated work nights during the rehearsals to complete the props in a timely manner.

Tricia continued as Props Master for 42nd Street and her loyal volunteers were happy to have her in charge again. Her team achieved a real coup by finding a beautiful 1930’s vintage wheelchair to borrow for the show, which Tricia had to haul to and from Seattle. Last year she used her journalistic talent to write an interesting article about her prop team for the ASTRA program.

For several years, Tricia has also worked behind-the-scenes researching and writing manuscripts for the parish “Martyr’s Mansion” program that ASTRA supports.  In 2012 Tricia stepped forward to direct and produce the collaborative “Martyr’s Mansion” program. Her bright smile is a gift to all who volunteer in her presence.

ASTRA is very fortunate to have such a faithful volunteer in Tricia Soriano, who gives generously of her time and always provides service with a smile. It is with gratitude that we present Tricia with a 2013 “A STAR” award.