About Us

Mission of ASTRA and Mission of All Saints Parish:

All Saints Parish in Puyallup, Washington is proud to have a unique theatre ministry program known by the acronym ASTRA (All Saints Theatrical Repertoire Association).

It started as a simple church play in 2003, which quickly ignited the passions of our church membership and spread throughout the community. Through the years, ASTRA has grown and has become a safe, fun, and creative venue for young people and families to learn a variety of skills, both on and off stage.

The mission of the ASTRA program is to nurture the Body of Christ by sharing gifts of time, talent, and fellowship through its support of artists and thespians, in its many forms, to All Saints Parish and the surrounding community.

ASTRA implements our mission by producing large-scale classical musicals every summer with a dinner theatre venue. Producing live theatre opportunities in Puyallup has drawn talented actors and stage designers from all over Pierce County.

The mission of All Saints Parish is to honor and celebrate the risen Jesus Christ in each of us.

We use the performing arts as a place where individual talents can be developed in a respectful environment that enriches lives. Our theatre ministry engages a diverse group of people from the surrounding community and from within our church membership. In a non-competitive, friendly environment, ASTRA encourages any interested person to use their talents in creative activities, and to build relationships and form friendships.

ASTRA draws volunteers from all over Pierce County. Our community theatre has successfully mingled youth and adults in every production department.

For example, young actors rehearse alongside veteran performers on stage; students interested in stage technology can create special effects under the direction of knowledgeable adults; youthful musicians play in the pit orchestra along with adult musicians; budding artists are encouraged by skilled designers; and grade-schoolers learn to serve dinner and bus tables while working alongside polite teenagers.

Each year approximately 180 volunteers, ages 6 to 76, work to create visually stunning stage performances, and they provide high-quality family entertainment for over 2,200 audience members.