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Do you love going to see a live stage production?
stage painter carpenter
Do you have an unfulfilled desire to act on the stage
or work behind the scenes building sets or tinkering
with lights and sound, but can’t afford to give up
your day job to pursue it professionally?
stage play
Are you looking for a Christian atmosphere in which
to make friends, share lots of camaraderie with
some friendly, God loving people?
Well, ASTRA may be the place for you.
A new parishioner, Chris Weigand, tells her story:
A year ago that’s where my husband and I were. We had just moved our small family to Washington and, having already participated in some community theater in Pennsylvania, were looking for a similar outlet.
Enter stage right, All Saints Church.
The people of this church community were already welcoming our family into their flock when they discovered our theater interest. Once revealed,
enter stage left, ASTRA.
They quickly ensconced my husband within their open arms and were quick to repeat the invitation when I moved out here. These people didn’t know us, had no clue who we were or what we were about. There were no long, prying forms to fill out. They just offered a simple hand of friendship and God’s love. They fit the bill and filled that empty place in our hearts. ASTRA became a second home for this lonely Pennsylvania family and they can do the same for you. All you need to bring is a love for God and theater and ASTRA will supply the rest.
Let the curtain go up on a new season
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starring you.
Join Us – contact ASTRA at 253-579-6192 or