“A-STAR” 2007

ASTRA would like to recognize Kim Miller for years of unfailing, spirited support of our productions.  As head chef extraordinaire, Kim has ‘fed’ the people around her both with food and with care.   She knows that nothing creates fellowship like sharing a meal, and through the thousands of meals prepared for ASTRA productions, has brought together our community, with every patron, cast and crew member looking forward to the next opportunity to come back for more.   “Head Chef” is only one of many hats donned by Kim during a production.  Never seeking the spotlight, Kim’s contributions have shone onstage: her garlic mashed potatoes were a perfect prop in the Crachit family’s kitchen in 5 Ghosts; her cleverly-crafted faux stained-glass window made the Lion’s exit from Oz’s chamber the humorous highlight of that scene.  With a passion for painting knowing no bounds, Kim has transformed cardboard tubes into a gleaming green city of Oz, and laid untold coats onto walls and set pieces.  Never idle a minute, after an evening preparing homemade cinnamon rolls for a cast rehearsal, she’s off to work on tasks no one else thinks of doing… even down to cleaning the knobs on the kitchen ovens.

There is a saying “the Spirit will provide,” and numerous times, Kim has embodied that Spirit, whisking in to supply exactly what was needed.   Garage-sale guru, Kim has been an amazing source of props and costume accessories.  As a production team sought ways to fundraise, Kim spearheaded ASTRA pie sales, working long hours to make it happen even when volunteer help was thin.   Kim has given unselfishly of her time, talent, and most of all, her love to all in the ASTRA family.  Spirit within, she has challenged us to grow, preaching the Gospel without using words.   For this, we name Kim Miller A STAR.



ASTRA would like to recognize Ted Schwab for years of outstanding support to our productions.  As lead carpenter, Ted oversaw and performed much of the construction of the stage extensions and sets we have enjoyed in The Best Christmas Pagent Ever, Sound of Music, 5 Ghosts, Wizard of Oz, and Music Man.  Rushed into a tuxedo during Sound of Music’s last tech rehearsal, Ted began his ASTRA acting career as the Butler, continued as a farmer in the Wizard of Oz, and a salesman in the Music Man.  Foraying into costume construction, Ted saved the Lion, Tin Woodsman and Scarecrow of Oz from wilting in the heat by constructing dry ice vests.  Our “ASTRA Shack” would not have been built without Ted’s planning, leadership, skill, and commitment to see it through to completion.

Ted manages to exact a high standard of excellence in a way that invites others to excel. His loving attention to detail is evident in everything he does.  He is a pleasure to work for and a pleasure to learn from.  Whether entrusting his power tools to females on the construction site, or getting trussed into a Tuxedo for his first onstage performance, Ted has never let his ego or self-image prevent him rising to the needs of the production. We have never heard him complain.   Ted persists in enjoying the best of life, fixing what he can, and overlooking the negative.  From the smooth, sound, squeak free floor under our feet, to library stair banisters we can slide on, and the one-of-a-kind SCHWAB piano.  From positive competence and somewhat dry wit to sage advice and earthy wisdom, Ted has contributed greatly to the environment that enables ASTRA to field great shows and grow great characters.  For this, we name Ted Schwab A STAR.