“A-STAR” 2009

ASTRA would like to recognize and honor Becky LeMaster as an A-STAR Award recipient. Becky has been a loyal ASTRA volunteer since joining our production family in 2004, when her daughter played the role of Brigitta in “Sound of Music.” Becky has been supporting our theatre group in many ways, giving service to ASTRA through ticket sales, set painting, waiting tables, pie sales, cleaning crew, and list goes on… She is known in the ASTRA kitchen as the fastest ice cream scooper extraordinaire.

Becky is primarily the supportive mother of a family full of actors and musicians. Her husband Mike and children Hayden, Anna, and Henry all have performed in numerous ASTRA plays and in other local community theatre groups. As an ideal stage mother, Becky maintains a low profile while providing plenty of opportunities for her children to pursue their acting talent. Chauffeuring and calendar-keeping for the many rehearsals are some of the mundane jobs that a parent of an actor has to juggle.

Beyond the stage, there is lot of behind-the-scenes work required to deliver good quality community theatre. In every ASTRA show, Becky has generously given of her time to lend a hand at whatever needs to be done. She is willing to do messy cleaning jobs and courteous public relations jobs, such as being the ASTRA telephone receptionist. During performances for the last five summers, Becky has been one of the waitresses. In fact, she continues to serve even on the nights when she has purchased tickets for herself to be an audience member. At intermission Becky just won’t stay in her seat, but instead she’s up serving other patrons more pie or coffee.

Last year Becky stepped up to the big job of Ticketmaster for “Anything Goes.” She is organized and competent, with good computer skills, and she managed the job like a pro. This year Becky returns to that bookkeeping job despite one very hectic weekend last July when all her skills were put to the test. It was immediately after a local theatre critic gave ASTRA a raving review in the newspaper. The telephone calls poured in. Becky was swamped. It was a totally chaotic couple of days as she handled a record number of customers. To her credit, she kept up with all the ticket orders and processed them without a flaw.

ASTRA is indeed fortunate to have Becky as a volunteer. With her ready smile and genuine laugh, she is a pleasure to work with. With her generous heart she shares her time and talent to make the ASTRA production a rewarding experience for all. Becky is one of the reasons people return year after year to see our shows.


ASTRA would like to recognize and honor Lindsey Neutzman as an A-STAR Award recipient. Lindsey is a charming and gracious asset to the ASTRA theater group. This is the fourth year that she has taken on the demanding role of House Manager. It is a chaotic job to serve a three-course dinner to 208 people simultaneously, and Lindsey is a serene presence in the midst of chaos. Look closely and you can see that, under her direction, her waiters work in unison to provide quick and friendly service to our theatre patrons.

In 2004, Lindsey began her work with ASTRA as a waitress when she was in the seventh grade.  She progressed to head waitress and led by example in “The 5 Ghosts of Ebenezer Scrooge” and “The Wizard of Oz.” Her quiet demeanor and hard work ethic was appreciated by the Head Chef and House Manager who awarded her the appellation, “Favorite Server.”

After her freshman year in high school, Lindsey took over the job of House Manager overseeing the whole dinner theatre operation. She aptly coordinates with the show side of the ASTRA productions to insure an orderly flow of events and a pleasant dining experience for our patrons. Lindsey is focused and organized as she manages her team of waiters, quickly detecting what needs to be done without wasting time. She has served as house manager for “The Music Man” in 2006, “Cinderella” in 2007, and “Anything Goes” in 2008. At the end of each show though, after the last customer leaves, Lindsey does some quick change magic – it’s out of the fancy dress and high heel shoes; back into shorts and sandals, with a satisfied sigh.

Lindsey’s leadership qualities and dining room experience, will serve her well as she graduates from Bellarmine High School and next fall heads for The Culinary Institute of America in New York. We wish her well in her chosen career and we appreciate how she has given of herself to help make our large parish dinner theatre succeed. ASTRA has been enhanced because of her.