“A-STAR” 2015

ASTRA would like to recognize and honor Nanette Flynn as an A-STAR Award recipient.

The body of ASTRA is nourished by the generous spirits of its volunteers.  Since 2006 Nanette Flynn has shown her generosity by actively helping behind the scenes to grow ASTRA and to connect people by aiding them to find their strengths within ASTRA’s ministry.   Her year-round dedication to maintaining the ever-growing volunteer list provides an essential link in communication through email and the ASTRA website.

Nan’s talent for helping others has made her a valuable member of each production team.  Working several months before opening night and continuing for several months after the final curtain, Nan is available whenever help is needed.  No job is too big or too small for Nan to eagerly fulfill.  Whether painting sets, soliciting funds, sweeping floors, hanging sheeting, lifting scaffolding, scrubbing toilets, overseeing safety, producing a show, operating a spotlight, or tap dancing with the cast… Nan gives her all to ensure that every aspect of the job is done well.   This award is not to commend the big jobs but to recognize the love that goes into all the thankless work that goes unseen.

It is with deep appreciation for all that Nan has done to ‘put on the show’, for the long, long hours of commitment, and the countless times that she asks “Can I help you with that?” that we gratefully turn the spotlight on her and acclaim Nanette as A Star!


ASTRA would like to recognize and honor Christine Holland as an A-STAR Award recipient.

When it comes to bringing people together nothing sweetens the mix better than food.  This art of nourishing body and mind is what Christine Holland does very well.  For the past four years ASTRA has enjoyed the pleasure of her culinary planning and kitchen management.

It takes a lot of planning and courage to feed 300 people a night while dealing with food inspections and balancing the unforeseen events that befall even the smoothest run kitchen.  Christine has handled this big job which begins with planning the budget, finding the right caterer, and selecting the menu.  It is heavy work and endless trips to Costco for the tons of ice and food.  Timing is everything and Christine’s positive attitude makes it possible.

A theater full of dining patrons are not the only ones to be fed. Every person, onstage and backstage, receives a meal with dessert.  Christine’s creative food choices put smiles on the faces of everyone.  We have long known the value of ‘a meal shared’ which helps to form bond of friendship and truly makes ASTRA a ministry.

Christine has a wonderful way of encouraging her kitchen crew and serving staff. She warmly greets every person and gives them genuine appreciation for their dedicated service.  She leads by example and guides young people into positions of responsibility.  Her thoughtful treats let people know just how special they are to our ASTRA family.  Even during Strike Day while the production is winding down, she and her crew continue to feed and support each one of us.  Christine is a truly A shining STAR of ASTRA.